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Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 17:04

Ocean Park sees 19% drop in tourist arrivals

Ocean Park sees 19% drop in tourist arrivals
Female giant panda Jia Jia enjoys its meal at Hong Kong Ocean Park, south China, May 27, 2016. ( Xinhua / Li Peng)

Hong Kong's Ocean Park witnessed a nearly 20 percent slide in the number of visitors in the past fiscal year, recording its biggest deficit since 1987.

The park recorded a revenue of HK$1.6 billion and recorded a deficit of HK$241.1m for year ending June 30 - biggest since 1987

In its 2015-16 fiscal year, the Ocean Park received about 6 million visitors, down 18.8 percent annually.

The park recorded a revenue of HK$1.6 billion, down 13 percent, and recorded a deficit of HK$241.1 million for the year ending June 30.

This is the first time the theme park has suffered a loss since 2003 when the city was hard hit by the SARs outbreak and Beijing launched the Individual Visit Scheme to grant permit to mainland travelers to visit Hong Kong and Macao on an individual basis.

In a breakdown, in-park consumption took up HK$480 million while ticket revenue recorded HK$1.13 billion, dropping 16.4 percent and 18.6 percent respectively.

The Ocean Park blamed the drop in touist arrivals to exchange rate fluctuation, fewer mainland tourists and heavy rains in the first four months of this year in Hong Kong.

Seeing a rebounce of the number of visitors to Hong Kong, the park expressed its confidence and vowed to explore market in Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and other regional Asian economies.

Meanwhile, the park will raise its admission fees by 13 percent from next month to HK$438 for adults and HK$219 for children.

Hong Kong residents will not be charged with the new price until Mar 1. The price of annual passes remains the same.

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