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Wednesday, November 16, 2016, 00:02

Hong Kong confirms second imported case of Zika

By Honey Tsang

HONG KONG – Hong Kong has confirmed its second imported case of Zika, leading the city’s health authorities to step up measures on mosquito control to contain the transmission of the disease.

The Centre for Health Protection said on Tuesday that a 56-year-old man, who traveled to Central America via New York since Oct 13 and returned to Hong Kong on Nov 10, tested positive for Zika virus.

It is believed that the man, who lives in Yan Shau Wai in Yuen Long, was infected when he was bitten by mosquitoes in Antigua and Barbuda, where Zika outbreaks had been recorded.

According to the health authorities, the patient visited a clinic in Yuen Long on Nov 12, before being hospitalized at North District Hospital.

He has developed symptoms like fever and rash that are associated with Zika infection.

On Wednesday, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department will carry out anti-mosquito operations in areas near where the patient lives.

The first imported case of Zika in Hong Kong was reported in August this year. The case involved an expatriate woman, 38, who tested positive after visiting Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean for around two weeks.
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