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Friday, October 28, 2016, 21:21

Patriotic camp retains dominance of LegCo panels


Hong Kong - The pro-establishment camp had taken 12 out of 18 chairperson posts in Legislative Council panels after the chairmanship elections on Friday – continuing its prevailing position in LegCo's daily meetings.

The pro-establishment camp chaired all the relatively powerful panels, including the Financial Affairs, Home Affairs, Security and Housing

The pro-establishment camp chaired all the relatively powerful panels, including the Panels on Economic Development, Financial Affairs, Home Affairs, Security, Housing, and Administration of Justice and Legal Services. It also secured both chairs and deputy chair of the Panel on Constitutional Affairs and the Panel on Development.

The “pan-democrats” secured the other six – one more than they had got in 2012 – including the Panels on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene, Environmental Affairs, Health Services, Commerce and Industry, Welfare Services and Manpower.

The atmosphere was peaceful during the meetings, which came two days after the opposition camp’s support for the two disgraced separatist lawmakers-elect resulted in the adjournment of the weekly LegCo meeting.

LegCo panels are responsible for debating policy issues and government proposals in certain areas. The chairpersons are influential on public policy as they have the power to set the panel’s agenda.

The chairmanship elections should have been carried out last week but the meetings were postponed as the two camps were caught up in conflict. This was mainly over the LegCo president’s handling of the oath-taking scandal involving the two separatist lawmakers-elect.

None of the localist lawmakers had secured a single chairmanship or deputy chairmanship in the election.

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