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Wednesday, October 26, 2016, 17:11

Shenzhen: Travelers unaffected by crackdown on parallel traders

By Zhou Mo

HONG KONG - Shenzhen Customs has denied recent reports that many travelers at the Futian checkpoint were affected by the government’s crackdown on parallel traders - saying they are “totally untrue”.

Reports about customs stepping up efforts to crack down on parallel traders, and forcing travelers to wait for more than 20 hours at Futian checkpoint, have gone viral online.

There were other reports claiming that many travelers missed their flights or trains because of the operation.

"The reports are totally untrue," said an official from Huanggang Customs, which oversees Futian checkpoint. The official preferred not to be named.

"We are taking a classified regulation model, which separates parallel traders from other travelers. While parallel traders are diverted to a specific area for inspection, ordinary travelers can go across customs quickly and conveniently."

"In fact, the classification model has greatly enhanced efficiency and facilitated border-crossings. And traffic during peak hours has been reduced with 2,000 fewer people queuing to cross the border."

Shenzhen Customs has also strengthened cooperation with Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department by promoting information sharing and carrying out joint operations to combat parallel trading, he added.

According to customs, nearly 15,000 illegal cases have been found at Futian checkpoint between January and September.

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