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Friday, October 21, 2016, 00:08

New requirement for CE candidates announced


HONG KONG – Candidates running for the city’s top job are required to sign a confirmation form, a new amendment released on Thursday says.

This is to ensure candidates clearly understand the Basic Law and the legal requirements and responsibilities involved in the election, according to the amendment by the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) to the Chief Executive election guidelines.

The guidelines’ previous version in 2011 required CE candidates consent to and sign two declarations, which indicates he/she will run the election individually, uphold the Basic Law and have neither foreign nationality nor right of abode in any foreign country.

The new amendment is made to further confirm that the candidates are clearly aware of the legal requirements and responsibilities involved in the two declarations, as well as fully understanding the contents of the Basic Law.

In the meantime, the forms will assist returning officers to ensure “the nomination procedure is completed in accordance with the law”.

The amendment was made after the EAC did a 14-day public consultation in June. This is included in the guidelines’ Chapter 3 – Nomination of Candidate.

The guidelines also increase election expenses from HK$13 million to HK$15.7 million.

The CE election will be held March 26, 2017 while the election for the preceding Election Committee is scheduled for Dec 11.

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