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Wednesday, October 12, 2016, 20:05

Govt: HK has high degree of autonomy


HONG KONG - Hong Kong has been exercising a high degree of autonomy and "Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong" in accordance with the Basic Law, showing the "One Country, Two Systems" principle is successfully implemented and widely recognized around the world.

The government issued the statement on Wednesday in response to the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong.

The SAR govt was responding to the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong

The government said law enforcement agencies outside Hong Kong, including those on the mainland and overseas, do not have the authority to enforce laws in Hong Kong.

In respect of the incident concerning a Causeway Bay bookshop, police have not discovered any evidence indicating there was "law enforcement across the boundary".

The government said it is firmly committed to protecting the freedom of expression and freedom of the press, which are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Basic Law and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance.

The media reports freely in Hong Kong and rigorously performs its role as a watchdog, with about 80 foreign media organizations having offices in the city and operating alongside a diverse array of local media with no intervention from the government.

The government supports that every endeavor should be made for journalists to report news professionally and accurately under the principle of editorial autonomy.

Foreign governments should not interfere in the internal affairs of Hong Kong, it added.

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