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Friday, October 7, 2016, 21:23

Minimum hourly wage to rise to HK$34.5


HONG KONG – The Minimum Wage Commission reached a consensus on Friday to raise the city’s minimum wage to HK$34.5 per hour, an increase of HK$2 from the current rate, local media outlet RTHK reported.

It also reported that the commission will submit the report to the Chief Executive at the end of October. If approved, the new minimum wage is expected to be implemented in May next year.

According to data from the Census and Statistics Department, raising the minimum wage to HK$34.5 will benefit 150,000 employees in the city.

The government reviews the statutory minimum wage rate every two years and the last wage increase was in January 2015, with the rate rising from HK$30 to HK$32.5.

Hong Kong has a labor force of 3.6 million workers. A survey released earlier this year by Switzerland banking group UBS shows that employees in Hong Kong work 50.1 hours each week, the highest among the 71 reviewed cities.

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