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Thursday, October 6, 2016, 22:44

Fund aims to help development of students

By Dara Wang

Fund aims to help development of students
Chairman of Hong Kong Teachers Dream Fund Christine Choi Yuk-lin (first left) said they don't set any quota limit on recipients as long as their proposals are beneficial to healthy development of students. (Dara Wang / China Daily)

HONG KONG – Hong Kong Teachers Dream Fund opens the second round of applications on Thursday to support teachers engaging in more projects to help with the overall development of students.

The fund was established in September 2015. It will offer up to HK$100,000 in funding for each project in this round without any quota limits for the recipients, said Christine Choi Yuk-lin, chairman of the fund.

Choi is also a vice-president of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers.

Among the first batch of recipients, To Kwok-kuen and Ma Nai-yi from Pat Heung Central Primary School started a project to care for stray cats in collaboration with Pet Elements Animal Hospital since April.

The school built two “cat homes” on campus with a total area of about 1,000 square feet where 10 students take turns to feed and care for five stray cats.

The project is for the life education of students to help them cope with their future responsibilities.

“The occurrence of student suicides over the past year made teachers realize that youth mental health education should be among the priorities of our work,” To said.

“We hope to gradually guide students to recognize the value of life through offering them chances to contact and take care of small animals,” To added.

Ma Nai-yi said the school will also open life education courses running until July next year. This is to encourage students to have a positive attitude to life.

Another recipient, Andy Li, from Salesian English School, held a mini four-wheel drive match among eight primary schools, attracting over 40 students to participate.

Li said students under great academic pressure should take the time to learn something interesting beyond their textbooks.

“Students learnt physical knowledge through assembling and designing their mini four-wheel drives,” said Li.

He said the mini four-wheel drive match was a good example of an activity combining education with recreation.

“Students need to broaden their horizons in various professions and the match provided them a platform to have more understanding of engineering,” he said.

Li said it had gradually gained recognition among schools with the help of the fund.

This year, Li intends to continue applying for the fund and also to seek commercial sponsorship.

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