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Friday, September 30, 2016, 15:05

Community service for lying about police threat


HONG KONG - An immigration officer was sentenced to a hundred hours of community service in Tuen Mun Magistracy on Friday after knowingly attempting to mislead a police officer by claiming that his social media account was hacked when posting a message offering money to kill police officers during the Mong Kok riot earlier in February.

Chu Hang-chi, 30, was found offering HK$10,000 on Facebook for anyone who would kill a policeman. After that, the immigration assistant also lied to police, claiming that his account was hacked and he did not put out the reward for killing police officers. He admitted that he acted out of dissatisfaction toward police after he was cautioned.

He was accused of knowingly attempting to mislead a police officer.

In mitigation, the defense lawyer said Chu was under pressure and feeling perplexed when posting the reward as his wife was depressed after having a baby and his son wasn’t in good health. Chu has been suspended from work since February and will be facing a disciplinary hearing after the court’s sentence.

Footage of the riot, which saw more than a hundred of police officers and citizens injured, captured hundreds of protesters covered with masks tossing bricks pried from the pavement at police officers. A total of 86 people – 75 men and 11 women – were arrested for taking part in the riot.

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