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Wednesday, September 14, 2016, 19:56

Watchdog slams adult diaper brands

By Dara Wang

HONG KONG - Four brands of adult diapers and one brand of adult pants were found to have higher rewet tendency that may be prone to diaper rush and even cause urethritis, the city’s consumer rights watchdog said on Wednesday in its monthly report on the quality of various products sold in Hong Kong.

The Consumer Council revealed that Select, Mannings, Banitore and ElderJoy’s adult diapers and Salva’s adult pants were found to have unsatisfactory quality in terms of resistance to rewet tendency.

Surface dryness of adult diapers or pants affects the comfort of users, especially the elderly whose skin gets more fragile with age. Diapers with severe rewet issue prolong urine contact on skin and may infect users' urinary tract when contaminated with feces, said Michael Hui King-man, chairman of the Consumer Council's Publicity and Community Relations Committee.

The report also suggested that 20 out of 21 adult diapers were found with poor water vapor breathability. The materials used for adult diapers and pants must be breathable with high water absorption efficiency to keep the skin of users clean. However, only one sample of adult diaper in the report scored satisfactorily.

As Hong Kong’s population is aging, degeneration and illnesses among the elderly result in a growing use of disposable adult diapers.

Adults discharge more urine than babies, and adult diapers must possess strong water absorption capability to keep the urine from leaking. However, most adult diapers sold in the city are deemed average, Hui said.

The council also pointed out that diapers are a regular necessity for the elderly and the expenditure – coming in addition to other essential medical expenses they might have to pay – could place a heavy burden on elderly people with limited income.

The price of adult diapers ranged from HK$3.8 to HK$9.3 per piece. Assuming that an elderly person needs to use six diapers per pay, the monthly spending will amount to between HK$684 and HK$1,674, a difference of some HK$10,000 annually, Hui said.

The council advised people to choose adult diapers with suitable water absorption capacity that are not too bulky.

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