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Thursday, September 8, 2016, 00:25

Applications for St. Paul's College Primary School soar

By Dara Wang

HONG KONG - Admission applications for St Paul's College Primary School - one of the city’s most popular Christian schools - are still pouring in despite only two days left before the applications close.

A briefing held on Tuesday attracted some 2,000 parents.

Headmistress Lucilla Leung Lai-mei estimated the school will receive some 3,600 applications. A total of 140 students will be admitted through two rounds of interviews from mid-September to mid-November. Some 70 percent of enrolled students will be people whose family members studied or worked at the school.

Leung said the school promotes all-round education and encourages parents to develop children's hobbies rather than forcing them to take unnecessary classes to build up their resumes.

Since 2014, the school has limited supplementary materials for applications to six pages. Leung said the performances of children during the interviews are the major factors they consider before admitting new pupils.

The school will give bonuses to children who enjoy good relationship with their parents.

“In the second round of interview, we'll invite 300 children to come together with their parents. Vice-headmasters and I will observe children’s social and communication skills, attitude and manners. We will also consider their interaction with parents,” Leung said.

An IT manager, surnamed Hui, said he had applied for his 5-year-old son to be admitted to the school. "My sister is an alumnus of St Paul’s Secondary School and now studies at a university in Europe. So I believe in the quality of education at this school," explained Hui.

“My son is taking drawing classes and English courses as part of his preparations. While he has no interview skill training, I believe he will perform at his best with a positive mindset,” he added.

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