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Monday, August 29, 2016, 20:58

Crime in 2016 showing a 16% drop

By Li Xiange

HONG KONG - The crime situation in Hong Kong has improved so far this year, with the number of crimes committed dropping considerably, the city's Fight Crime Committee revealed on Monday.

According to the figures released by the authority, overall crimes have seen a 14.5 percent decline to 34,688 during the first seven months this year – from 40,584 in the same period last year.

Among all crimes committed, thefts, with a total of 14,604 cases in the past seven months, accounted for the largest portion. Violent crimes have decreased by 6.8 percent, with over 5,800 cases recorded, according to the report.

Deception has seen the most drastic drop, decreasing nearly 40 percent from last year's 6,479 to 4,004.

A total of 18 homicide crimes were reported, rising 50 percent from last year. Fortunately, all the 18 homicide cases have been detected, Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok said.

Despite the increased number, no rising trend of homicide crimes could be observed, Lai added.

Also increasing was the number of cases involving heroin and cocaine – 3.6 times and 1.4 times more than those last year, respectively.

The number of non-Hong Kong residents who committed crimes also slightly increased, but was maintained at a “low level”, according to Lai.

Lai said the law and order situation of Hong Kong is generally good. The authorities will continue to protect people’s safety in the city, he added.

Member of the committee Richard Tang Yat-sun said the tactics of business and high-tech-related crimes have changed a lot in spite of the overall stable situation of crimes. Tang said publicity and education on such crimes will be strengthened.

The Fight Crime Committee is an official organization responsible for drawing up plans to reduce crime, coordinating efforts in fighting crime and monitoring the results, and determining ways in which the public can be encouraged to contribute to the fight against crime. Members consist of government officials and community leaders.

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