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Monday, August 29, 2016, 15:27

Chinese Olympic medalists visit local school


Chinese Olympic medalists visit local school
Men's 10-metre synchronized diving star Lin Yue (t hird from left ) and badminton player Fu Haifeng (fourth from left ) welcomed to Chiu Sheung School on Aug 29, 2016. (Provided to China Daily)
HONG KONG - China’s gold medalists at the 2016 Rio Olympics, joined more than 100 local students to share their Rio experiences at Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong on Monday. Chinese and Hong Kong flags were everywhere in the packed hall as the athletes entered.

Among those taking part were badminton stand out Fu Haifeng and Lin Yue who dominated men's 10-meter synchronized diving.

Fu and Lin in their speeches encouraged young kids to have faith on what they are persisting in, and make consistent efforts in studies.

"My sports experience has shown that hard work will certainly pay off if you stick to what you do. That is guaranteed," Fu stressed.

He also revealed he plans to retire and will leave competition in the 2020 Olympics to younger athletes.

Asked for his impressions of Hong Kong, Lin told the gathering, coming here felt like coming back home, since he comes here every year to shop.

Fu also expressed his appreciation of the city.  "I would like to work in Hong Kong and coach young local talents in the future if the city needs me," Fu said.

Local young people got a chance to test their badminton skills against the world's best. In a friendly match at the school, Fu has demonstrated his skills drawn resounding applause from spectators every time his racket touched the shuttlecock.

Chinese Olympic medalists visit local school
Students of Chiu Sheung S chool ready to welcome the champions on Aug 29, 2016. (Provided to China Daily)
Lau Pak-yung, a student at Hong Kong University who played against Fu in the demonstration, told China Daily afterward that it was an exciting experience to test his skills against the best.

"Fu is a gentleman," Lau said, "He didn't use his full power during the game for letting me enjoy more in the field. I can sense his humility."

Standing among the cheering crowd, a school girl named Tatiana said she started dreaming about learning to dive after seeing Lin's performance at games on television.

"I  also want to learn the way they keep fit," she said.

The girl said that she has learnt about the Olympic spirit of striving for the best of oneself from Lin. "I really admire him a lot," she said.

The Chinese gold medal delegation will leave Hong Kong and continue their tour to Macao on Monday afternoon.

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