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Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 00:43

Exhibition shows century of artistic change

By Wang Yuke
Exhibition shows century of artistic change

A five-day exhibition featuring the works of late master painter Huang Junbi and works of his daughter Huang Xiangling (center) opened on Monday in Central, Hong Kong. The exhibition is jointly organized by Tsi Ku Chai, a Hong Kong-based gallery, and Huang Junbi Culture and Arts Association in Taiwan. (Wang Yuke / China Daily)

HONG KONG - A five-day exhibition of the works of one of the most prestigious contemporary painters and his daughter will grant audience a glimpse into the artistic revolution over the past century.

The exhibition features 27 masterpieces of Taiwan artist Huang Junbi and 35 carefully picked works by his daughter Huang Xiangling, jointly organized by Tsi Ku Chai, a Hong Kong-based gallery, and Huang Junbi Culture and Arts Association in Taiwan.

Huang Junbi, born in 1898 in Guangdong province, was a world renowned painter and calligrapher, collector, art educator as well as a philanthropist. Having devoted 70 years of his life to art teaching, Huang made far-reaching contributions in cultivating artistic talents and promoting traditional Chinese painting. While he continued his teaching career after he moved to Taiwan in 1949, Huang shifted his focus to integrate the artistic culture of Taiwan with the traditional one prevalent on the Chinese mainland.

Huang's profound influence on the Chinese artistic scene has not faded after his death thanks to his daughter Huang Xiangling, who inherited her father's artistic style and took up the baton of furthering cultural communication over art and culture.

"Art-themed forums and exhibitions like this one provide platforms for artists and amateurs from both sides to exchange arts philosophy and concepts. It's an unconscious process of cultural absorption and integration," she said.

Exhibition shows century of artistic change

Huang Xiangling and her father Huang Junbi. As an older child, Huang Xiangling was very close to his father, picking up from an early age creative instincts and artistic philosophy from close observation and study by his father’s side. (Provided to China Daily)

Treasured by her father as a gift in his late years, Huang Xiangling, an only child, was often by her father's side, serving him with painting equipment and getting the chance to observe his creating process. It's this first-hand observation and study since her childhood that enabled her to grasp and carry on with father's artistic philosophy.

Huang Xiangling is the president of Huang Junbi Culture and Arts Association. She launched the Huang Junbi Scholarship at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, where her father took up teaching for a stint.

The exhibition runs from Aug 22 to 26.

The venue of the exhibition is 3/F, Chung Shang Building, 9-10 Queen Victoria Street, Central, Hong Kong.

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