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Monday, August 22, 2016, 11:46

Independence no solution to local woes: Law


HONG KONG - Executive councilor Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun on Monday called on the Education Bureau to set up clear guidelines to curtail agitation for Hong Kong independence in schools.

Speaking on radio, the former secretary for Education and Manpower said teachers don’t need to raise the controversial issue in class and should provide safeguards against outside organizations infiltrating school grounds to spread separatist propaganda.

Law said she believed that students if given only incomplete understanding of the issue may be misled into ill informed choices.  Instead, Law recommended that schools invite Hong Kong deputies to the National People’s Congress or the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to come to the schools to  give students a more complete explanation of what is at stake.

Law said she understands that young people are dissatisfied with the status quos, but seeking “independence” would not offer a solution to the problems that are at the root of the discontent.

She said she cannot fathom anyone’s advocating separation from China.

She also noted  that the Basic Law makes clear that Hong Kong remains an inalienable part of China. Law recommended that, schools adopt a progressive immersion into studies of the Basic Law as student progress through the grade system.

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