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Friday, August 19, 2016, 19:51

Simpler procedures for cross-boundary vehicle plates planned

By Li Xiange

HONG KONG - Simpler handling procedures are planned for Hong Kong-Guangdong cross-boundary vehicle plates to help car owners, two senior members of the city's biggest political party said on Friday.

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB) representatives said moves to simplify these procedures are under way. They made the comments after meeting Guangdong’s public security and transport department officials last week.

National People’s Congress (NPC) deputy Ip Kwok-him said current procedures for the application and renewal of cross-boundary plates are complicated and time-consuming. This had caused great inconvenience to car owners.

Ip said Guangdong authorities are considering other suggestions. These include commissioning Hong Kong agencies to handle applications and renewals of plates and also annual vehicle inspection for plates 6-years-old or older.

Ip said that renewing cross-boundary plates requires original copies of documents. Many car owners, who fear they will lose the documents in the mail, go to Guangzhou in person. Guangdong authorities said they are considering the effectiveness of providing copies of the necessary documents.

Hong Kong legislator Chan Kam-lam, also a DAB member, said currently all cars with cross-boundary plates must undergo annual vehicle examinations in Hong Kong and be inspected again in Shenzhen.

Chan suggested the Hong Kong examination results could be recognized by mainland authorities.

Ip estimated that currently there are 40,000 private cars with cross-boundary licenses.

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