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Thursday, August 18, 2016, 16:56

Belt and Road preparations: Education Ministry promises help


Belt and Road preparations: Education Ministry promises help
In this Jan 15, 2015 photo, Eddie Ng, the Secretary for Education addressing a press conference at Central Government Office. (Parker Zheng/China Daily)
HONG KONG — Secretary for Education Eddie Ng Hak-kim said on Thursday that the Ministry of Education under the central government has promised full support to Hong Kong as the city steps forward to become a full participant in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Ng cited examples such as helping to provide training in Russian and Arabic, to help SAR professionals establish important business links.

Speaking after a regular meeting with a national education official in Beijing, Ng said his meeting also touched on promoting better cross-border cooperation in education, particularly when it comes to technology and innovation and internship programs.

Ng arrived in Beijing on Wednesday and met with about 10 Hong Kong young people who are studying in Beijing.

Ng asked the inquired about their experiences, and said the students were keen to have more internship possibilities.

Ng said education authorities from both the sides would meet twice a year, according to a routine meeting mechanism established last year.

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