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Monday, August 8, 2016, 17:08

Bomb hoaxer handed probation

By Dara Wang

HONG KONG - A young waiter was sentenced to one-year probation on Monday after pleading guilty to sending false information about the Legislative Council building.

Magistrate Jason Wan Siu-ming said the court believed probation the most suitable sentence given the details of the case and the fact that the accused, Tsang Tze-kin, 23, has hearing difficulties.

Tsang made an initial threat, in an email to the Legislative Council at 11:42 am, Jany 14, saying he had placed feces in the LegCo building. At 5:41 pm the same day, he sent a second email warning that a bomb would explode in a toilet.

The second threat touched off a four-hour search, inside and outside the complex, involving three police emergency vehicles, 14 police officers and a number of fire engines and fire fighters.

Police later located Tsang through his IP address and arrested him at his North Point home.

Defense Counsel said in mitigation that Tsang's immature behavior resulted from mental pressure and a lack of communication with his family, which had been cited in a psychological assessment.

In handing down a probationary sentence, the magistrate accepted the recommendation of the report. Wan, however cautioned Tsang that violation of is probation would result in loss of liberty.

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