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Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 22:31

Lui Che Woo Prize announces winners

By Joseph Li

Lui Che Woo Prize announces winners
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Lui Che-woo (second from left) and Lawrence Lau (second from right), chairman of the prize recommendation committee of the Lui Che Woo Prize for world civilization, announced the inaugural laureate winners on Tuesday. (Joseph Li / China Daily)

Jimmy Carter, former president of the United States, is the new winner of the inaugural Lui Che Woo Prize for fighting for human rights and promoting peace and a positive attitude to life.

In other awards, Professor Yuan Longping won the sustainability category in developing high-yielding hybrid rice, bringing about sustainable and stable food supply to ease famine in China and other countries.

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is the winner of the treatment and control of epidemics, infectious diseases or chronic diseases for their indispensable contribution of cholera outbreak in Haiti in 2010 and of Ebola in West Africa in 2014.

The idea of the Lui Che Woo Prize – a prize for world civilization – comes from Hong Kong entrepreneur and philanthropist Lui Che-woo. Lui has contributed HK$2 billion as prize money for the winners.

In announcing the laureates at a press conference, Lui said it has always been his aim to set up an international, cross-sector, innovative prize. It aims to help foster world peace, mutual respect and understanding so that people can cherish the natural resources of the earth, he explained.

His goal is to overcome national, ethnic and religious differences and encourage the world to work hand in hand to find role models of human morality and civilization.

Lawrence Lau, chairman of the prize recommendation committee for the Lui Che Woo Prize, said the three winners were awarded despite the fact they have won numerous awards before. Jimmy Carter and the MSF are both previous Nobel Peace Prize winners. They are awarded because their achievements have met the  requirements of the Lui Che Woo Prize.

“Jimmy Carter has always put human rights, equality, ethnic and racial reconciliation, peace and social harmony on the highest priority and spared no effort in promoting them,” Lau said.

“Since 1980, Mr Carter and the Carter Center have consistently been at the forefront of the protection of human rights, the promotion of democracy; and the mediation, resolution and prevention of conflicts in Haiti, Bosnia, Ethiopia and North Korea.

“By bringing peace, prosperity, good health and hope to millions, and by fighting for human rights and a just society, Mr Carter has inspired, energized, given hope and imparted positive energy to people all over the world.”

Over 1,000 nominations have been received all over the world but he has not disclosed whether there are nominees from Hong Kong.

The award presentation ceremony will be held in Hong Kong on Oct 3.

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