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Saturday, July 23, 2016, 13:16

Hong Kong issues amber travel alert for Germany

Hong Kong issues amber travel alert for Germany
A policeman checks a closed metro station near the the scene of a shooting in Munich, Germany, July 23, 2016. (AP Photo / Jens Meyer)

The Security Bureau in Hong Kong on Saturday issued an Amber Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) on Germany, after a gunman killed at least nine people in a shopping center in Munich Friday night.

The SAR government urges residents who plan to visit Germany or are already there to monitor the situation, attend to personal safety, avoid traveling to places for large gatherings of people, and pay attention to announcements by local authorities.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government has received two calls for assistance, involving four Hong Kong tourists who were in the Olympia Einkaufszentrum mall when the shooting rampage took place.

Secretary for Security in Hong Kong Lai Tung-kwok said those Hong Kong tourists were safe and the Immigration Department is in contact with them.

Hong Kong issues amber travel alert for Germany

The shooting in Munich came only days after a terrorist wielding an axe and a knife violently attacked a Hong Kong family in Wuerzburg on Monday.

Four Hong Kong tourists were brutally attacked Monday night on a commuter train near Wuerzburg by a 17-year-old refugee. Two of the victims are still in a critical but stable condition, according to the Wuerzburg university hospital.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the train attack, but authorities have said the teen likely acted alone.

Two Hong Kong tourist groups allegedly are in Munich, including around 30 students who are on an overseas trip.

The Security Bureau said it will closely monitor the situation in Germany, and will issue updates accordingly.

The Bureau also encourages Hong Kong residents to register their contact details and itinerary with the Immigration Department when traveling outside the SAR, so that they can receive practical travel information on a timely basis.

Under the three-color OTA system, black is the highest alert, red the middle and amber the lowest.

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