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Wednesday, June 22, 2016, 22:16

Protesters accuse local lawmaker of abusing his power


HONG KONG — Some 600 protesters gathered in Hong Kong outside the city’s Legislative Council Complex on Wednesday morning to condemn local lawmaker Albert Ho Chun-yan.

The protesters, who included members of the “Defend Hong Kong Campaign”, accused Ho of abusing his power as a lawmaker.

Ho has been providing assistance to the bookseller Lam Wing-kee, since Lam returned to the special administrative region after being detained for selling unauthorized publications on the mainland.

"The only purpose for Ho to help Lam is to fish for political capital in the LegCo election this fall,” the spokesman of the group Po Chun-chung told China Daily.

Po said Ho had overridden the principle of "One Country, Two Systems", and urged the Hong Kong government to raise residents’ awareness about the facts of the case.

Ho said in an earlier interview with foreign media that Lam had approached him for legal advice and told him his associate Lee Bo had been abducted from Hong Kong by mainland law enforcement officers.

But Lee, who returned to Hong Kong earlier this year, refuted what Lam said in a television interview after Ho’s claims were made public.

Po said, he believed Lam was lying about the case because Lee denied Lam’s version of events.

And, according to mainland law, Po said, the mainland’s law enforcement departments had the authority to detain Lam in Shenzhen because he was smuggling illegal books into the city and then mailing them to mainland customers.

Po said he hoped the SAR authorities would raise the awareness of Hong Kong residents about the mainland’s laws.

Residents in the city currently lack such knowledge, he said, as education in the SAR focuses on Hong Kong’s laws.

“As the interactions between the city and the mainland are increasing, it is urgent that Hong Kong people should have more awareness about the mainland’s laws,” Po said.

The same day, over 100 members from another local organization “Voice of Loving Hong Kong” led a march to the LegCo Complex to show their support to the central government and the SAR authorities.

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