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Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 21:17

Consumers hit as Ensogo axes operations in SE Asia


Consumers hit as Ensogo axes operations in SE Asia
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HONG KONG - Major e-commerce company Ensogo announced Tuesday it will shut down its business in Southeast Asia, leaving millions of customers and its business partners at potential risk.

The Australian company Ensogo, the parent company of the group buying website Beecrazy, said in a statement that it will shut down all business units in Southeast Asia.

It said the company will no longer provide financial support to its subsidiary Southeast Asian flash sales and marketplace business units. All staff have been informed and communications will be made to customers in the coming days, the statement suggested.

Co-founder of Ensogo Kris Marszalek resigned as chief executive officer on Monday.

Formerly known as iBuy, Ensogo started as a Groupon-style website in Thailand and expanded its operations to Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong in 2013.

Beecrazy had been popular among Hong Kong consumers, with more than 3.5 million “Likes” for its Facebook page.

Some consumers reported that the payment system did not work when they tried to buy discount coupons from the platform Beecrazy.

Its office in Cheung Sha Wan was closed Tuesday, with no staff working there. The hotline went unanswered as well.

Consumer Council Chief Executive Gilly Wong Fung-han said the council has been greatly concerned about the latest developments. Wong said if Beecrazy is confirmed as closing in Hong Kong, many consumers will face financial losses.

Wong suggested consumers holding coupons bought via Beecrazy check the validity of the coupons and use them as soon as possible.

Those who have purchased the coupons but have no access to them yet are recommended to apply for a refund from credit card issuers if they have the receipts and credit card transaction records.

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