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Thursday, June 16, 2016, 14:01

Kidnapper of HK textile heiress jailed for 12 years

By Li Xiange

Kidnapper of HK textile heiress jailed for 12 years

HONG KONG - A 30-year-old mainland man will go to jail for 12 years, after pleading guilty to kidnapping Queenie Rosita Law, the granddaughter of the founder of the Bossini clothing chain.

Hong Kong’s High Court judge Justice Kevin Zervos told the accused Zheng Xingwang, that his sentence must be severe and carry a large measure of deterrence. The judge noted that the crime was committed purely for personal gain, with complete disregard for the victim and her family and no doubt, it will be a source of lingering distress for them.

The torment of the Law family, Zervos said, was beyond description. Her parents waited four days, fearing they might never see their daughter again.

He noted that the victim, a young woman, was a particularly vulnerable captive. Six gang members stormed into Law’s home. Two threatened the victim with knives, forcing her to reveal combinations to two safes in the home, then they stole cash and jewelry valued at around HK$3 million. She was held captive in a cave, in Tsim Fung Shan, Sai Kung, for the next four days. She was constantly surrounded by four men and lived in fear she would be killed.

The sentence, however, was mitigated. Zheng would have faced 18 years imprisonment but his sentence was reduced to 12 years because he pleaded guilty.

"People who have worked hard and made a success of their lives in Hong Kong should not live in fear of kidnapping, nor made to take protective measures," the judge said.

Zheng is the only member of the gang arrested in Hong Kong. Another eight members were arrested on the mainland. They pleaded guilty to the kidnapping in Shenzhen earlier this year.

The kidnapping was carried out on April 25, 2015. Six men, wearing hoods and gloves broke into Law’s home in Sai Kung, intending to demand a ransom for her return. .

The victim's father Raymond Law Ka-kui received a call from the kidnappers, demanding a ransom of HK$58 million. After negotiations, the ransom was lowered to HK$28 million.

The judge also said the money was put into 14 brown envelopes, which were placed in two suitcases.

Zheng was arrested at the Lo Wu Control Point, attempting to cross the border and return to the mainland, on May 3, 2015.

On June 18, 2015, a black plastic bag containing a blue bucket with HK$15 million was found hidden in the ground underneath a rock inside a bush at Mau Ping, Ma On Shan.

In the meantime, HK$6.54 million of the ransom paid and most of the jewelry taken from the victim's home were found by mainland police officers, in possession of others believed to be Zheng’s accomplices.

A further HK$6.35 million of the ransom was recovered from a different spot underneath a rock in the same area of Mau Ping, on March 2016.

Law is the granddaughter of Law Ting-pong, the founder of clothing chain Bossini.

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