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Friday, April 8, 2016, 16:09

HK ranked last in 'service with a smile' survey


HK ranked last in 'service with a smile' survey
Shoppers look for second-hand brand handbags at a shop in Hong Kong on Nov 3, 2008. (AFP PHOTO/Samantha SIN)

HONG KONG - The SAR was ranked last when it came to service with a smile in a mystery shopper survey of 37 countries and regions.

In 2014, a Mystery Shopper Service Association survey ranked the SAR a lofty third place, but in the 2015 survey the city’s service personnel rated a score of only 48 out of a hundred against a global average of 83.

Ireland held onto the first place for the second straight year. Macao edged out Hong Kong by a single point. Beijing, with a score of 59, finished in 26th place.

Association chairman Anders Wong blamed shrinking commissions for frontline sales staff amid tighter domestic spending and a declining tourism industry. He added high employee turnover in the retail sector has contributed to a lower standard of professionalism.

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