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Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 00:07

Survey finds organic food contains pesticides, metals


More than a third of organic food samples tested in Hong Kong contained excessive pesticide levels and 13 percent contained heavy metals, a new Consumer Council survey revealed.

While Hong Kong lacks definitive laws governing the use of organic labels in foods, imported mainland vegetables marketed under organic labels had pesticide residues three times allowable limits, the study showed.

At the same time, US-grown carrots contained the heavy metal, cadmium, at worrying levels, according to a study of 127 vegetable samples by the council.

The consumer watchdog has advised shoppers to exercise the same vigilance when selecting so-called organic foods as they would with regular produce. It has advised the the government to draft and regulate the growing organic food trade in the absence of definitive laws and an approved producers’ database.

Consumers on the mainland can already verify their organic brand’s authenticity though

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