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Wednesday, December 9, 2015, 14:06

HK second to Shanghai in competitiveness

By Luis Liu/
HK second to Shanghai in competitiveness
This combined photo captures the view of Shanghai (left) and Hong Kong. (Photo / Xinhua, GIS)

HONG KONG - Hong Kong, for the third year in a row, took the second place in 2015 China Urban Competitiveness Ranking, with Shanghai topping the list and Shenzhen taking the third spot.

Among 16 categories, Hong Kong topped the list for cities with the best social security and quality of assets.

Last year, the city dropped out of top 30 in the safest cities's list because of the 79-day Occupy movement.

Shenzhen grabbed the title of the best growing city, with a overall score of 1915.92, followed by Tianjin and Chongqing logging 1881.51 and 1761.26, respectively, whereas Hong Kong ended up 15th, earning 837.25 points. Economic growth, technological and cultural innovation were Hong Kong's weakest points, according to the report.

The city did not figure in the top-30 list of best tourism destinations. According to the report, hospitality remains Hong Kong's weakest point with waves of anti-mainlander campaigns in the city in the past year tarnishing its image.

The report is based on an annual research conducted by the Institute of City Competitiveness, a Hong Kong-based think tank. This year marked its 14th survey. In the first 11 years, Hong Kong dominated as the country's most competitive city.

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