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Friday, August 7, 2015, 15:13

Police find HK$15m of Bossini heiress ransom

By Shadow Li in Hong Kong

Police find HK$15m of Bossini heiress ransom
Queenie Rosita Law (right), granddaughter of late Bossini clothing chain founder Law Ting-pong, is led to a room for a press conference at Four Season H otel, Central, Hong Kong, on April 30, 2015 following her abduction . (Roy Liu / China Daily)

Police on Friday announced the recovery of HK$15 million of the HK$28 million ransom demanded in connection with the abduction of Queenie Rosita Law, heiress of local clothing giant Bossini.

Police said they found the money on Thursday on a hillside in Sai Kung, acting on intelligence from mainland law enforcement.

The money was wrapped in paper, stashed near a cave where the victim had been hidden for three days before being released upon payment of the ransom.

With HK$6.5 million also seized earlier in May, police have now recovered a total of around HK$21 million of the biggest ransom in Hong Kong kidnapping cases for years. Some HK$6 million has yet to be found.

The police also found evidence, including some beer cans and pieces of canvas, which were believed to have been used by the kidnappers.

The granddaughter of the late Bossini fashion chain founder Law Ting-pong was taken on April 25 at her standalone residence on Kam Shue Road in Clear Water Bay by a gang of six. They fled the scene with HK$2 million in cash and valuables. Law’s family paid the ransom at Kowloon Peak, or Fei Ngo Shan, on April 28.

On May 3, the police apprehended a suspect at Lo Wu checkpoint. Another nine suspects were subsequently arrested by mainland police in Guangdong and Guizhou provinces.

On May 14, mainland law enforcement announced it had cracked the case and recovered part of the ransom and stolen items.

The gang, reported to have been smuggled into the city, plotted and scouted the area for two weeks before taking action.

Superintendent Chau Hin-hung from the Crime Kowloon East Region said the case was a success for cross-border collaboration between the Hong Kong police and mainland authorities.

Chau said recovering the ransom had been a difficult undertaking. Police did not know the exact place where it was stashed. Police had tried to find the money by searching every inch of the hillside since May.

After interrogating the 39-year-old leader of the gang, You Dunkui, the mainland police concluded the major culprit had cheated his accomplices and pocketed most of the ransom.

It was reported that the gang split up after discovering You had lied about the ransom and secretly kept HK$18 million.

Chau appealed to members of the public to return any money or evidence relating to the case found in that area.

In a recent interview with local media, Law said she was tougher than she thought and was bearing up well since the ordeal. She updated her status online frequently last month and opened her own studio in Central recently.

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