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Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 09:06

Demonstrations against radicals planned

By Luis liu in Hong Kong

Local groups will launch demonstrations later this week to express their opposition to last Sunday’s anti-parallel trader protesters in Tuen Mun.

This marks the first such demonstrations after chaos occurred in New Territories border districts over the last four weekends.

Online group “‘Occupy Central’ Does Not Represent Me” (OCDNRM) announced on its Facebook page that it would organize a demonstration in conjunction with three other local associations this Sunday.

The group was formed by ordinary Hong Kong people during the “Occupy” movement. It aims to support the government and police in upholding the rule of law.

Over 1,000 people are expected to join the demonstration, which will march from Chater Garden to government headquarters, according to OCDNRM founder Tang Dak-shing.

“We felt uncomfortable learning what the young radicals did last Sunday,” Tang said. “We want to present a clear message — violence is unacceptable to Hong Kong people.”

Via the protest, OCDNRM also urged the authorities to enforce the law and punish people who break it.

“Otherwise, the radicals will keep coming out and violating the law. This will damage the whole legal system which Hong Kong has built,” Tang cautioned.

He also said the violent behavior in northern districts was very much related to the 79-day “Occupy” campaign.

“It fostered a sense of lawlessness and an attitude of challenging authority,” Tang said, adding that such radical attitudes could jeopardize law and order.

To address the parallel trading issue, Tang, who is also a resident of the North District, urged protesters to show patience. He said Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying had already started negotiations with the central government to revise multiple-entry permit arrangements.

Meanwhile, the “Defend Hong Kong Campaign” will launch a demonstration on Thursday at the High Court. This is to urge legal professionals to encourage young people not to break the law.

The campaign’s convener, Fu Chun-chung, said the rule of law must be respected and those who challenge it brought to justice.

Around 150 anti-parallel trader protesters gathered at Tuen Mun Town Centre last Sunday. These protesters caused disturbances to road users and shops, harassed and attacked shoppers, threw rubbish bins, and attempted to block roads with barriers. Seven people were arrested for “assaulting a police officer”, “obstructing police” and “disorder in a public place”.
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