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Thursday, July 24, 2014, 17:44

Husi: McDonald's makes belated disclosure

By Kahon Chan /
 Husi: McDonald's makes belated disclosure
A Big Mac waits to be consumed at a McDonald's restaurant in Hong Kong, February 20, 2006. (AFP PHOTO/Antony Dickson)

HONG KONG - Fast-food chain McDonald's made an open apology on Thursday for not telling the public that it had imported chicken thigh fillets and pork cutlet produced by Shanghai Husi Food factory when it first responded to a tainted meat scandal two days ago.

The latest statement came minutes after the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government announced an import ban on all food produced by any Husi plants on the Chinese mainland. Both the Centre for Food Safety and the chain had claimed absence of import record in relation to Shanghai Husi.

The chicken fillets were imported between May and June this year to make hamburgers that are sold HK$21 in a combo. The pork cutlet was sold as hamburgers and part of breakfast combos between July 2013 and February this year.

McDonald's said all stocks had been consumed. Publicity representatives of the company were unable to tell how the import ban would impact the menus in the chain's Hong Kong outlets.

Media reports had suggested that Shanghai Husi had used expired chicken meat and moldy ground beef to produce Chicken McNuggets and other processed food products.

Apart from the McDonald's chain in China - including both Hong Kong and Macao - Husi also supplied 20 percent of Chicken McNuggets sold in Japan.

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