Published: 22:56, December 9, 2021 | Updated: 09:41, December 10, 2021
HK's Lee condemns Summit for Democracy as 'political farce'
By Kathy Zhang

Chief Secretary John Lee Ka-chiu delivers a speech at the 10th Campus News Awards 2021 presentation ceremony, Hong Kong, Dec 9, 2021. (EDMOND TANG / CHINA DAILY)

HONG KONG - Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration John Lee Ka-chiu on Thursday criticized the US-hosted Summit for Democracy, calling it a “political farce.”

Lee said that the virtual event, which only welcomes those who agree with the US, is a “joke”.

“In the international community, if you lose your credibility, you will become an international joke,” the city’s No 2 official said.

Chief Secretary John Lee said that the US-hosted Summit for Democracy, which only welcomes those who agree with the US, is a “joke”

Lee made his remarks at the prize presentation ceremony of the 2021 Campus News Awards held by China Daily Hong Kong — the 10th year of the annual event, which has been held every year since 2012.

The two-day summit, which began on Thursday, invited Hong Kong activist Nathan Law Kwun-chung, who fled to the United Kingdom and is wanted by the Hong Kong police on charges of inciting secession and collusion.

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Lee said that inviting a fugitive to the summit made it a political farce, saying that Law, who broke the law but didn’t have the courage to bear the consequences, is a “coward”.

He also labeled Law a “shame” as he fled the city and is willing to be a puppet of anti-China forces.

“For this fugitive, the SAR government will follow up in accordance with the law and bring him to justice,” Lee said.

Lee also said in his speech that fake news and untrue information was widely spread on the internet during the city’s 2019 social unrest, and that this irresponsible information divided society and stirred up violence.

Therefore, the city needs more professional and credible media professionals who won’t use reporting to achieve their own political aims and jeopardize the interests of the nation and the city, he said.

Lee also urged residents to proactively cast their ballots in the upcoming Legislative Council election for a more constructive legislature and Hong Kong’s bright future.

The election, which was originally scheduled to be held in September 2020 and later postponed until Dec 19 this year because of the pandemic, is the first LegCo election to be held under an improved electoral system.