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Friday, December 08, 2017, 01:00
HK 'should be destination in all Palace Museum tours'
By Carrie Qiu
Friday, December 08, 2017, 01:00 By Carrie Qiu

HONG KONG - Hong Kong should be the first or final stop on every future global tour of national treasures from the Palace Museum in Beijing, the museum’s top curator said in Hong Kong on Thursday.

Director of the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, Shan Jixiang made the remarks when signing the second Letter of Intent on Cultural Exchange and Cooperation with the special administrative region government to further strengthen cooperation and communication in preserving and showcasing cultural heritage. The first was signed in 2012.

According to the agreement, in the next five years Hong Kong will hold annual exhibitions of Palace Museum treasures.

To enhance curating and customer service, the Palace Museum plans to hold exhibitions of items from museums in different countries in the world in the Palace Museum, and send its own treasures overseas to exhibit.  

For each tour, Shan hoped Hong Kong can always be among the destinations. “I hope Hong Kong could always be the first or last stop of these tours,” he said.

He also appreciated Hong Kong for its experience in curating museums. “The Palace Museum’s curation has improved a lot in the past years and one of the reasons is because we have learned from the museums in Hong Kong,” said Shan.

He said Hong Kong has set up a number of exhibitions of treasures from the Palace Museum; all were at a very high level.

Another breakthrough of the Palace Museum in recent years is the high-definition images of exhibits; all 1.8 million treasures in the museum can be seen online free of charge.

Some rooms of the ancient emperors that are too small to open to visitors can be seen through virtual reality devices.

Shan stressed that it is important to showcase the relics with their original content; the Palace Museum tries to recreate each room as the ancient royal family used it, with all the original items.

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