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Published: 16:02, June 28, 2022 | Updated: 17:59, June 28, 2022
China to set up Basketball Hall of Fame
By Xinhua
Published:16:02, June 28, 2022 Updated:17:59, June 28, 2022 By Xinhua

Yao Ming, head of the Chinese Basketball Association and Ice Snow Sports Promotion Ambassador speaks during a Linjia 7 Salon afternoon tea with journalists at Beijing International Club in Beijing, Jan 17, 2022. (ANDY WONG / AP)

BEIJING - The founding of the Chinese Basketball Hall of Fame is ongoing, the Chinese Basketball Association announced on Tuesday.

The Hall of Fame is dedicated to promoting, preserving and celebrating the game of basketball at every level in China. The Hall of Fame inductees will include players, coaches, referees, and outstanding contributors, for example.

"The establishment of basketball culture in China is very important. The founding of the Hall of Fame will play a crucial role in it," CBA President Yao Ming said. "Hopefully, it will spread basketball stories in China well to the world, connecting and encouraging all the participants of the game of basketball." 

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