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Published: 10:36, October 16, 2021
11 students drown in river trek in Indonesia
By Agencies
Published:10:36, October 16, 2021 By Agencies

A rescue team works to evacuate students participating in a trekking activity of a scout group along the Cileuleur River, in Ciamis district on Oct 15, 2021. (DARRA / AFP)

JAKARTA - Eleven students drowned at a river in Indonesia's West Java province after a trekking accident on Friday, an official at the local rescue office said.

As many as 150 students of Mts Harapan Baru junior high school joined the boy scouts activity in Ciamis district on Friday. They were walking along the riverbank of Cileureur Leuwi Ili in Desa Utama village and were thought to have attempted to ford the water when 21 of them fell into the river.

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Ten of them were pulled to safety, press officer at the provincial search and rescue official Seni Wulanadari said.

"Eleven others were found dead and two of the survivors were injured and have been treated at a hospital," she told Xinhua via phone.

Authorities are working to ensure all on the trip have been accounted for, the officer said.

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