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Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 20:10
Beards: Bits and Bobs
By China Daily Lifestyle Premium
Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 20:10 By China Daily Lifestyle Premium

With summer upon us, after you’ve been cooped up inside for ages, you’ve probably decided to cultivate some of that “new-normal” facial hair. But before you hop on your board to surf the day away, follow these top tips to keep your facial hair healthy and happy – and contenders trailing in your stylish wake.

  • Accept your limits. Some people tend to grow facial hair that’s thick and full, while others are only able to manage wispy and patchy. Heartbreaking, but it’s pretty much down to genetics. Just be sure to choose a style that suits your growth potential.

  • Be patient, man. Resist those violent urges to trim or style your beard immediately. Give it about four to six weeks until the hairs have grown in evenly. This is also that dreaded “itchy” phase, so you (and your partner) will have to grin and bear it for about a month. 

  • Consider your face’s unique shape. After your beard has grown in enough, choose a suitable style to complement it. If your face is wide, go for one that keeps the sides to a minimum and adds some length. Got a longer face? Grow the sides fuller and keep the length in check.

  • Say no to the neckbeard. You want to maintain a defined shape and neckline. Aim for a beard that’s full under your chin and all the way around your jaw, and not straggling below that line.

  • Wash up, boys. Just like the hair on the rest of your head, you need to wash your beard regularly – every two to three days. Get some beard shampoo. It’s specifically designed to avoid chemicals that strip out the natural sebum oils from facial hair follicles. It’ll also help keep things less bristly.

  • Dude, dry it right. After showering, gently pat your beard with a towel. And put away that hairdryer – it’s unnecessarily harsh and can dry out the skin underneath. 

  • Bust out the beard comb and train those hairs to grow in properly. It’ll have a wide-toothed area (for the thicker parts) and a fine-toothed area (for your moustache). Comb outwards, starting from the neckline towards the chin, then moving up the jawline. Take it slow, especially with any knots. Then, style it downwards with a brush.

  • Sculpt away. Trim your beard at least every few weeks, depending on its length and the speed of growth. You’ve got two options: barber’s scissors or a beard trimmer. Start from the bottom, move on to the sides – and don’t rush things. That three-way mirror can come in handy as you shape to perfection.

  • Make sure a a good pair of moustache scissors makes the cut. They’ll be for precision when you’re trimming the hairs that grow over your upper lip and will help get those rogue stragglers in your beard. Plucking is totally painful – not at all recommended.

  • Give yourself a massage. That’s right, with some beard oil or beard balm. By moisturising the facial hair and the skin beneath it, you’ll keep the bristliness to a minimum and those hairs will be more manageable. 

  • Wax on, wax off. Moustache wax will keep things in line on your upper lip. It’ll come in handy if you want to channel your inner Salvador Dalí, too.

  • Time to admire your sexy self in the mirror. Now that you’ve got that perfect beard, get ready to strut with confidence and revel in the compliments. And perhaps it’s time to consider a career change? Lumberjacks are in high demand these days…

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