China Daily Hong Kong Edition celebrated its 15th anniversary with a grand cocktail reception at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Oct 08, bringing together more than 200 VIPs and distinguished guests including CPPCC Vice-Chairman Tung Chee-hwa and HKSAR Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Earlier in the day as part of the celebration, economists, business leaders and think tank strategists participated a China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable forum themed “Hong Kong, Past Fifteen Years and The Road Ahead”,which reviewed the economic and social development of Hong Kong over the last 15 years and examined the challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.


On Monday, China Daily Hong Kong Edition celebrated its 15th anniversary. In October 1997, the year of Hong Kong’s handover, we established our foothold in the special administrative region. Now we are proud to say China Daily has grown deep roots here.

Launched in 1997, the China Daily Hong Kong Edition offers a unique local perspective that has become essential reading for decision-makers, including HKSAR government official, CEOs and senior executives, scholars and academics in Hong Kong. It publishes 28 pages Monday to Friday and 16 pages on the weekend with a wide circulation throughout Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and some Southeast Asian countries.  As Hong Kong maintains its critical role as the gateway to the Chinese mainland, China Daily Hong Kong Edition offers a ringside view of the dynamic economic and social development underway on ... 

In Hong Kong, for Hong Kong

It gives me enormous pleasure to congratulate my colleagues at China Daily’s Hong Kong edition on the occasion of the paper’s 15th anniversary.
Fifteen years in the life of one edition might seem short but this has been an event-filled decade-and-a-half following the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
In 1981, the birth of China’s national English language daily coincided with the country’s reforms and opening up, which led to the biggest economic and social transformation in history ...

First Edition: The first issue of China Daily Hong Kong Edition on October 6, 1997.
Congratulation inscription by the then Chinese President Jiang Zemin for the launch of China Daily Hong Kong Edition.

Revamp: CDHK launched its first newspaper revamp in July 2000 to strengthen its local coverage.

5th Anniversary: CDHK hosted a gala reception on October 7, 2002 to celebrate its fifth Anniversary. The then Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa and other distinguished guests attended the ceremony.

"ANN” Annual Meeting: CDHK hosted the 2002 annual meeting of Asia News Network (ANN), an alliance of 21 leading newspapers from 19 Asian countries and regions with a mission of “We know better Asia”. The then Chief Executive Tung Chee Hwa met with the Asian editors-in-chiefs in Hong Kong.

CEO Roundtable: Launched in April 2004 in Hong Kong, China Daily CEO Roundtable provides a network for government leaders, CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies. Thereafter, 35 roundtables have been held in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong with over 2,000 attendances.

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