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Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 17:38

300 paper-cuts highlight Shanghai

By Agencies

An exhibition featuring 300 paper-cuts was held in Shanghai on Jan 6.

The showpieces were winning works from the Traditional Chinese Crafts Contest that was held from June 10 to Aug 25 last year, as well as some works by a series of paper-cut masters.

The award-winning works included 146 entries from about 2,000 paper-cuts submitted by artists from China, Thailand and Japan.

Among the winners, some paper-cuts, decorated with bold designs and buoyant colors, added traditional Chinese patterns that bear people’s wishes for better lives. And some pictured scenes from real life.

To shorten the distance between people and paper-cuts, contest organizers also developed some 80 kinds of creative products based on paper-cuts, such as scarves, cushions, lanterns and calendars.

The exhibition will run through Jan 15.

300 paper-cuts highlight Shanghai

Terraces Sparkles with Sunset Glow, one winning work from the Traditional Chinese Crafts Contest. (Photo/

300 paper-cuts highlight Shanghai

Cloud, Mountain and Tress, one winning work from the Traditional Chinese Crafts Contest. (Photo/

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