Sunday, May 25, 2014, 15:55
Thai military junta urges public against rallying
By Xinhua

BANGKOK - Thai military junta on Sunday warned the public against rallying and using social media to incite unrest.

"The National Council for Peace and Order does not aim at doing all of these for a particular person. But we want to return happiness to all Thais and will create confidence and stability of Thailand in the eyes of the international community," Bangkok Post on Sunday quoted Winthai Suwaree, Army Deputy Spokesman as saying.

Accordingly, civilian, police and military officers were urged to be patient, Winthai said, adding that it is necessary for preventing the country from becoming a failed state.

The spokesman also asked the media to minimize criticisms over all sides, especially civilian, police and military officers.

In another situation, Thai coup leader Gen Prayuth expressed that the transfers of several government officials made earlier on Saturday were for the sake of suitability under the current situation.

"All will be done to create trust among members of the society. And (Prayuth) would like the people to have sympathy for the transferred and refrain from showing contempt and hatred towards them because they are not regarded as having committed wrongdoings, " Winthai quoted Prayuth as saying.