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Thursday, October 2, 2014, 21:41

Hackers declare war on Hong Kong government

By Timothy Chui /

Hackers declare war on Hong Kong government

HONG KONG - Global computer hacking group Anonymous has declared war on the Hong Kong government, promising a wave of cyber attacks and data leaks if "Occupy Central" protesters' demands are not met.

The illegal civil disobedience movement started off early Sunday morning at the government headquarters in Admiralty in downtown Hong Kong, followed by mass protests in Central, Causeway Bay and Mongkok, leading to serious traffic disruptions and school closures.

The group which has previously targeted the United States, Singaporean and Israeli government websites, said it would deface and take down every Web-based asset of the government, release personal information of government officials and seize internal databases and email pools which will be dumped on the Internet.

The group cited police tactics such as the use of tear gas as its basis for declaring war, saying it was heeding the call of protesters, urging other residents to take to the streets.

The group eluded that its attacks had already begun, telling police and others responding to the protests, "We are watching you very closely and have already begun to wage war for their actions."

The message posted on a US-based website said it would be the group's one and only warning in its campaign which it dubs: Operation Hong Kong.

In response, Information Services Director Patrick Nip Tak-kuen said government departments were increasing data security following Anonymous' declaration.

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